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FAQs regarding the AXELOS portfolio in general can be viewed here.

ITIL FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any restrictions on qualifications/credits that can be counted towards ITIL® Expert?

    Any combination of ITIL Intermediate certifications can be used towards the ITIL Expert Level award, as there is a minimal degree of overlapped ITIL content between the different modules.

    For students who would like to use earlier and current certifications and credits towards the ITIL Expert Level, the following modules cannot be used together towards Expert Level, because they have a high degree of overlapped ITIL content:

    • SOA with IPAD
    • RCV with IPRC (or CCR)
    • PPO with IPPI.

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  • Which publications should I use to study for the ITIL Intermediate examinations?

    The ITIL courses and examinations are based on the five core publications, although condensed study guides are available for Foundation-level exam candidates. Each Intermediate-level course and examination has a focus on one or more of the core titles.

    For more detailed information on the publications required for each of the qualifications, please download this guide.

    To purchase an ITIL publication, please visit our Online Shop.

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  • How many people have taken the ITIL qualifications worldwide?

    For more information on the number of examinations taken each year for ITIL, please visit this page.

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  • Can my organization achieve ITIL certification or compliance?

    ITIL certification is not achievable, because ITIL is a framework of guidance and not a standard; however, an organization can achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification. This is the standard for IT Service Management which is underpinned by ITIL best practices.

    If implemented effectively, ITIL principles can help organizations to meet the requirements and can help an organization achieve certification when audited by a registered certification body.

    For more information, please see

    Software Tool vendors can obtain endorsement of their tools for "ITIL Process Compliance" under the official AXELOS ITIL Software scheme. For more information please visit this page.

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  • What languages are the ITIL examinations translated into?

    ITIL Examinations have been translated into a variety of languages, reflecting the international coverage and application of the ITIL framework. For more information on the available examination languages, please visit the examination languages page.

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  • What are the delivery methods for ITIL accredited training courses?

    Accredited ITIL training is available via Accredited Training Organizations or their approved partners in many formats including face-to-face training in a physical or virtual classroom, or via distance learning which may be delivered via Learning Technologies or other methods. Some training solutions may be a combination of both. For more information, contact an Accredited Training Organization.

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  • How can I become an Accredited Training Organization or Accredited Trainer?

    There are a number of Licensed Examination Institutes (EIs) offering ITIL accreditation services. Please contact one of these organizations for information on their accreditation processes.

    Please note: Any training organization who wishes to offer ITIL training and examination services to individuals or organizations must be accredited. Organizations offering ITIL training who are not accredited by an approved Examination Institute may be in breach of Intellectual Property law.

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  • Where can I find details on available training courses?

    Our listing serves to advise you of:

    • Training organizations that are accredited with an Examination Institute to offer training and examination services, and
    • Training organizations that hold a valid Intellectual Property license to use ITIL Intellectual Property.

    View the full listing of licensed Accredited Training Organizations.

    Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) are listed alphabetically because many ITIL ATOs offer a variety of training products and services internationally, so listing by course or country would not be possible.

    The easiest way to find a local course would be to use a search engine to find providers offering training in your area, then cross-reference the results with our ATO listing to ensure they are officially accredited.

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  • What ITIL examinations can be taken and what are the entry requirements?

    For full information on the qualifications available under the scheme please visit our qualifications pages.

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  • Am I able to self study for the ITIL examinations?

    Candidates are able to self study (i.e. take the examination directly from an Examination Institute without attending an accredited training course) for the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management examination only.

    All higher level ITIL examinations require a candidate to complete mandatory accredited training before the examination.

    This decision - made by the ITIL Qualification Board - is because the higher level ITIL courses are focused toward the practical application and analysis of ITIL principles and knowledge.

    As a result, the examination requires candidates to display a deeper level of understanding than would be gained through self study, and the benefits to a candidate once they return to the workplace following completion of accredited training, will be far greater.

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  • I have passed an ITIL examination. Will I receive an ITIL Pin?

    Upon successful completion of an ITIL examination candidates should obtain an ITIL pin from their Examination Institute.

    The Examination Institutes administer the pin scheme on behalf of the itSMF ( who offer pins to successful candidates in exchange for contact information for Service Management related marketing and information purposes.

    Your pin will either be sent directly to you with your certificate or you will be advised of the application process for receipt of the pin, which will involve providing your express permission to share your information with the itSMF.

    If you have passed an examination but have not yet received your pin, please contact your Examination Institute listed on the following webpage:

    If you are not aware of which EI this was you should contact your course provider.

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  • How do I obtain a replacement pin or certificate?

    To get a replacement certificate or ITIL pin you should contact the Examination Institute through which you gained your qualification listed on the following webpage:

    If you are not aware of which EI this was you should contact your course provider.

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  • Is there a register for successful candidates?

    Yes - the ITIL successful candidate register holds records for successful candidates who have opted-in, up to and including the 31 March 2014. If you believe you should be appearing on the register but cannot locate your record, or have previously opted-out and now wish to be listed, please contact your Examination Institute for assistance.

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  • What platforms are the ITIL Foundation Exam App available on?

    At present our App is only available on Apple devices.

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