Licensed Software Assessors

In order to become a Licensed Software Assessor, an organization must successfully pass a three-stage audit. They can then assess tools and forward recommendations to AXELOS regarding whether the tools meet the qualifying criteria. Licensed Software Assessors must meet the eligibility criteria and incorporate the mandatory assessment criteria as developed by AXELOS within their assessment models. They are monitored to ensure they are working to standards set by AXELOS.

Once licensed, Licensed Software Assessors can use the following logo to market and promote themselves:


The current Licensed Software Assessors are:

Pink Elephant Inc

Headquartered just outside Toronto, Canada, and operating in locations throughout the world, Pink Elephant specializes in IT Service Management education, consulting and conferences. To date, more than 200,000 people - many from Fortune 100 Companies - have benefited from the organization's expertise. For more information on Pink Elephant Inc click here.

Glenfis AG

Glenfis is a consulting and training company, based in Switzerland - in the heart of Europe. Glenfis operates via two specialised business units: glenfisSolution and glenfisAcademy, and operates through an integrated concept according to requirements specifically selected for the client: the glenfisPrinciple. The glenfisPrinciple assists organizations in the ongoing projects and enables them to meet future challenges. For more information on Glenfis AG click here.

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Software Assessor, please download the form below, or alternatively please feel free to contact us for more information.

pdf Licensed Software Assessor Application Form