ITIL Software Scheme - Operational Pilot Launch

Introducing the ITIL Software Scheme

1st May 2009, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK... The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) are announcing The ITIL Software Scheme - a new software endorsement scheme which allows software tool vendors to submit their ITIL based software tools for assessment to a Licensed Software Assessor. Successful recommendations entitle tool vendors to use the official Process Compliant ITIL Swirl logo.

Richard Pharro, CEO, The APM Group, which is administering the scheme, said, "The scheme allows consumers to buy and use ITIL based software tools with confidence, knowing the software has been reviewed for compliance with ITIL V3. This gives consumers usability assurance and software vendors the ability to show compliance with ITIL processes."

Software Tool Vendors

OGC's ITIL Software Scheme enables tool vendors to apply to Licensed Software Assessors for a recommendation on the software tool. Software tools are assessed on three levels. These are:

BRONZE: where the tool has not been purchased by a customer;
SILVER: where the tool has at least three customers who have deployed the product;
GOLD: where the tool has a least three customers that have implemented and are using the tool. Proof of customer implementation is required.

The APM Group will grant the successful tool vendor a Trade Mark Licence with the right to use the relevant Process Compliant ITIL Swirl logo as shown below.

ITIL Process Compliant Bronze

ITIL Process Compliant Silver

ITIL Process Compliant Gold

Tools are assessed according to the assessment process held by each Licensed Software Assessor which will contain defined and agreed minimum assessment criteria for each ITIL process.

Licensed Software Assessors

In order to become a Licensed Software Assessor, an organisation must successfully pass an audit. They can then assess tools and forward recommendations to The APM Group. Licensed Software Assessors must meet eligibility criteria and include certain core assessment criteria within their assessment models. They are monitored to ensure they are working to standards set by OGC. Once licensed, Licensed Software Assessors can use the following logo to market and promote themselves.

ITIL Licensed Software Assessor

Tool vendors will be able to choose which Licensed Software Assessor they want to assess their product. In early 2009, there has been one Licensed Software Assessor, SMCG, who has helped to develop the scheme. Further applications are now sought.

Release of the Scheme

OGC plan to release the ITIL Software Scheme in three stages:

1. Operational pilot due end of April. Applications from organisations to become Licensed Software Assessors are welcomed. Documentation regarding process and procedure of assessments and audits will still be in pilot stage and developed with newcomers to the scheme.

2. Pilot launch late Summer 2009 - all documentation approved and launch of pilot.

3. Final launch Autumn 2009 - full scheme available and all documentation approved.

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