ITIL® Glossaries

2011 Glossaries

The English glossary and its translated versions can be downloaded below.

Please note that the 2011 translated glossaries should only be used in preparation for translated exams that have been aligned to the ITIL® 2011 edition. For language availability please contact your Examination Institute or Accredited Training Organization.

pdf English 2011 Glossary

pdf Arabic 2011 Glossary
pdf Brazilian Portuguese 2011 Glossary
pdf Chinese (Simplified) 2011 Glossary
pdf Chinese (Traditional) 2011 Glossary
pdf Czech 2011 Glossary 
pdf Danish 2011 Glossary
pdf Dutch 2011 Glossary
pdf Finnish 2011 Glossary
pdf French 2011 Glossary
pdf German 2011 Glossary
pdf Greek 2011 Glossary 
pdf Hungarian 2011 Glossary
pdf Italian 2011 Glossary
pdf Japanese 2011 Glossary
pdf Korean 2011 Glossary
pdf Norwegian 2011 Glossary
pdf Polish 2011 Glossary
pdf Romanian 2011 Glossary
pdf Russian 2011 Glossary
pdf Slovak 2011 Glossary
pdf Spanish (Castilian) 2011 Glossary
pdf Spanish (Latin American) 2011 Glossary
pdf Swedish 2011 Glossary
pdf Turkish 2011 Glossary
pdf Vietnamese 2011 Glossary


2007 Glossaries

pdf English 2007 Glossary
pdf English 2007 Acronyms

pdf Arabic 2007 Glossary
pdf Brazilian Portuguese 2007 Glossary
pdf Chinese (Simplified) 2007 Glossary
pdf Chinese (Traditional) 2007 Glossary
pdf Czech 2007 Glossary
pdf Danish 2007 Glossary
pdf Dutch 2007 Glossary
pdf Finnish 2007 Glossary
pdf French 2007 Glossary
pdf German 2007 Glossary
pdf Hebrew 2007 Glossary
pdf Hungarian 2007 Glossary

pdf Italian 2007 Glossary
pdf Japanese 2007 Glossary
pdf Korean 2007 Glossary
pdf Polish 2007 Glossary
pdf Romanian 2007 Glossary
pdf Russian 2007 Glossary
pdf Slovak 2007 Glossary
pdf Spanish (Castilian) 2007 Glossary
pdf Spanish (Latin American) 2007 Glossary
pdf Swedish 2007 Glossary
pdf Vietnamese 2007 Glossary 

Common Glossary

Building on the individual glossaries within IT Service Management (ITIL®) and Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (PPM) publications, the Common Glossary takes a consolidated approach, providing a generic definition followed by modifying detail where the interpretations of ITIL and PPM differ. Further information on the Common Glossary can be found here.